Painting The Historic Marrakesh Country Club


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We’re excited to announce our newest project – painting the historic Marrakesh Country Club, known as the “Pink Jewel of the Desert.” The golf community sits on 155 lush green acres in Palm Desert. Home to 364 ‘little pink palaces’, our team provides professional painting and maintenance services, acknowledging the importance of freshening the space while honoring each home’s unique characteristics.

There is modern, there is timeless, and then there’s Marrakesh (Steven Price) 

Will Marrakesh Country Club Continue To Be Painted Pink and White?

Did you know the striking pink color was conceived to attract more movie stars from Palm Springs deeper into the desert? Although Palm Springs continues to change, the community’s history with Hollywood and high design should be preserved, making it forever unique. The exterior repaint will be with the original Marrakesh pink and white colors.

As the years pass, paint fades, wood rots, and stucco cracks, leaving every home needing maintenance to freshen up its curb appeal.

Professional Painting For Every Home


Painting is one of the most popular and common ways of enhancing the appearance of one’s home. HOAs can easily make their members feel appreciated with updates such as these. Stucco houses are notoriously difficult to properly maintain because they are affected by weather, time, and age changes. Our team will identify all cracks or chips to repair and patch before we paint each Marrakesh home.

We understand the value of these special homes and will help preserve their appearance for years to come.

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Prepping Each Home

Although the homes seem strikingly similar, the iconic courtyards provide many views and tricks that honor each home’s unique style. Even a decorator and longtime friend of the architect John Elgin Woolf referred to his designs to be known as a “kind of a mystery house.” In our walk-throughs, we’ll note how much prep needs to take place, how much stucco should be repaired, and the conditions of the mansards.

Check out our services! Many homeowners are looking to upgrade their pool deck this summer.


From mansards to doors, every part of this community is an intentional appeal for couples looking for “elegant city architecture” who admire the sense of Hollywood regency. Each home with a courtyard offers a cohesive design sensibility and the opportunity to express one’s design style.

“Soaring Pullman entry doors flanked by slender colonnettes rising to meet a pop-up French mansard roof.”

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French Mansard Roof

We always take care when maintaining a homeowner’s roof. We’re skilled at prepping the space, covering everything and anything that shouldn’t be painted. This includes careful consideration of solar panels and their historical significance.

Painting Doors

The painting of all doors will also be included in the country club’s painting services. The HOA will reach out to out-of-towners, and each homeowner will know the schedule to leave theirs open. 

TIP*If you’ve been planning on purchasing a new one, now would be the time to take advantage of our service.

Let us know if you would like us to skip this step if your door has recently been painted.



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Recall if you’ve painted your gate, one homeowner powder-coated hers white. Although we’re experts and can determine your home’s state for maintenance, it’s always preferred if we have as much information as possible about your home.



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We highly recommend removing the vines/plants before we start, and we’re happy to do so free of charge.

We will only be removing plants if you ask us. 

However, putting them back up will fall on your partner or gardener. 

*This includes carefully undoing the wiring and covering them to protect them from overspray. Otherwise, homeowners should inform us of their preference for painting around them. We brush and roll, not only spray but also to accommodate touch-ups and hard spots.

For the common areas, we’ll let the gardeners know what we need access to to get the job done most efficiently. The gardeners will then check with the HOA to approve areas where large bushes should be trimmed so we can access the side wall to paint it.

Spot Prime (For repairs)

After our walk-through, we’ll have a good idea of which surfaces or walls need repair and must be spot-primed before painting. There’s no need to worry. It’s very common in stucco homes. To maintain the integrity of your stucco, we’ll spot-prime the repaired area and cracks. This will create a sealant to protect the surface, bond to the stucco, and keep your home in good condition for years.

Wood Repairs

Let us know if you need your wood replaced before we come out to paint, which would require a separate quote! We will give you an honest estimate. Many times, all that’s needed is maintenance. We will scrape it, sand it, and do some patching. If it’s rotting, we will let you know!

Walk Through

We will first walk through each home to inspect for repairs, maintenance, plants, and pre-broken items. The Ivan Guarantee, if we break it, we buy it, and we’ll always let you know.

Constant Member Communication is Key

Working with the Homeowners Association is our top priority to honor the schedule and time of every homeowner. We have a good idea of what we will find this month, but the schedule may vary depending on the maintenance required for each home. Check out our testimonials, and members can Email or leave a note on their door to communicate their needs with us.

Our top priority is working with the Homeowners Association to honor traditions and history. We could not be more honored to take on this project and share the process. If you’ve lived in the home for quite some time, we understand your concerns and keep your preferences.

Note for all Marrakesh Country Club Homeowners:

Please communicate your needs before your designated time so we can adequately address them and meet your expectations. It’s our pleasure to help your homes evolve with you while transforming the community with a fresh coat of paint and an updated finish.

Have questions about your home? Check our FAQ Blog Post coming this week.

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