Signs Your Home Needs Wood Replacement

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Wood replacement’s a practical investment for homeowners who see signs of damage or simply want to improve their homes.  Solid wood’s a top-quality material that requires minimal maintenance making side replacements yield one of the highest rates of return on any home improvement project. Wood siding also provides that classic look with a natural charm that many homeowners are wanting. A few key signs indicate your home may require a wood siding replacement.

1. Cracking

Wood damage’s most noticeable sign is cracking, creating an entry point for moisture and pests to enter (Modernize). Cracks in your home’s exterior can be a sign that the wood has begun to rot and is no longer providing adequate protection from the weather.

BfhT02. Interior Moisture

In addition to cracks, if you notice any peeling or bubbling paint on your siding, this could also indicate that it’s time for wood replacement. Water damage is another common issue that requires siding replacement. If you have water infiltration problems, it’s likely that the underlying wood structure has been damaged and will need to be replaced. If your home has signs of moisture, mold, or mildew on interior walls next to exterior walls, it may mean moisture is seeping in through the siding. It could also mean paint peeling, wallpaper sagging, and drywall softening or crumbling.

3. Warping736f68641468c4f443e623be7bda840b 300x225

Wood replacement warping is a common problem that can be caused by several factors. It is important to hire a professional service to help you with this issue, as they’ll be able to identify the cause and fix it quickly. Warped siding boards can indicate a structural issue. Look at your house from different angles to determine if the siding has warped across panels in different spots, meaning there’s rot beneath the surface. Use a screwdriver or awe to poke the edge surface behind the siding to have a look at the part underneath.

rotten trim fascia4. Rotting

Examine the portion of your wood siding that is showing signs of frailty or decay. As soon as the section begins to crack or deteriorate, you should note that the surface looks dull compared to wood siding in better condition. This could be an indication that moisture has started to accumulate on the affected area of your wood siding. You’ll need to call a professional or lightly tap on the affected areas of your siding to see if they start to fall apart. Untreated, the rot will lead to further decay so be sure to give us a call, email or visit our website for a free quote.

5. Holes from insects and/or birdsSquirrel Chew Hole Kansas City KS Copy rotated

If a series of carved shapes and small insect penetrations appear on your siding, you may have a more significant problem needing repairs or wood replacement.

Woodpeckers are a common bird that can cause damage to homes. They peck at trees to find food or carve out a place to nest. While this behavior is normal for them, it can also destroy homes and other structures. Woodpeckers may peck holes in wood siding, trim, eaves, and roofing. These holes can range in size from small dime-sized dents to large gaping openings.
In addition to woodpeckers, many insects can cause damage to homes.

Carpenter ants are the most common type of ant that nests in wood. They tunnel through the wood, creating small tunnels and galleries as they go. This activity can weaken the structural integrity of the wood and may lead to its failure.

Termites are another common type of insect that feeds on wood.

Check for Maintenance

Be sure to mention any of your concerns so we can assess areas of improvement before we inform you of any needed updates when we provide you with a quote.

Need a professional painter?

After we’re done replacing your wood, we’re happy to help you choose a paint color or cover the wood with the original color. If you have us scheduled to paint your home’s exterior, ask us about wood repairs and replacement Many times, a full replacement is not needed; we’ll always let you know.

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