Guide to Restoring Your Modern Palm Springs Pool Deck

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In the desert, pools are an integral part of the design and the focal point of many homes in the desert. If you’re wondering what the process includes from prep to finish, why we prefer concrete, and the benefits of updating your backyard feature we have the answers. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to restore your pool deck in the Coachella Valley desert.

Pool Deck Restoration Process & Timeline

Over time, when this part of your home deteriorates from the harsh climate, it can be a stressful, and time-consuming undertaking. Give yourself the opportunity to live in harmony with your natural surroundings by extending your home to the backyard, especially if it is made from the finest materials and built by expert installers.

Please call us today at (760) 206-4654 to discuss how we restore high-quality but stunning concrete pool decks.

We work with you to communicate every step of the way.

With the right tools, materials, and skilled workers, we’re here to help the process seem not as daunting. If you’re considering restoring your pool deck, there are some steps that you’ll need to consider.

Before starting: Prep work

First,  you need to assess the entire deck to see if it is structurally sound and in good condition. If there are parts of the deck that are rotted or warped, they should be replaced.

Next, you need to clean up any debris on the surface of the pool deck.

After washing, any and all cracks in the concrete should be filled.

We don’t take prep work lightly! Our team will power-wash to remove all the leftover debris and old, chipped paint.

Finally, depending on the scope of your project, the construction approval process should be considered in your timeline.

Research and Select The Right Concrete Coating For Your Home


Why Concrete Pool Decks?

It will get too hot for composite materials to be comfortable. Concrete pools are common in climates that experience warm and hot weather. Don’t worry the options are far from boring.

“As the trend toward backyard “resorts” continues, imprinted concrete is a popular choice for pool decks. This gives a more natural “outdoorsy” look than plain, flat concrete. In addition, Wennersten points out, “A stamped texture makes voids for air underfoot so the concrete doesn’t feel so hot.” – Concrete Decor

Essentially three steps:

1. The removal of the old surface,

2. The preparation of the concrete mix,

3. Finally the application and curing of the protective clear sealer.

Restoration can be done manually or with the help of machines like power washers, pressure washers, and sanders. Our team has the expertise and experience in this area to ensure you get high-quality work with minimal disruption.

Safety Tip: You’ll need to make sure that your pool is not in use while the restoration process is happening because it could cause damage or safety hazards.

Benefits To Restoring Your Palm Springs Pool Deck

Create that outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming about. We install both functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. There are many benefits of having a pool deck restoration done on your home.

1. Help make the surface of your pool deck more slip and skid-resistant.

2. Prolong the life of your pool deck.

3. Make your backyard more inviting for family and friends with a newly restored finish.

Provide space for children to play and invite space for family gatherings. The perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life without leaving the house. Enjoy the desert oasis and extend your living space to the backyard.

What are the Costs of Restoring My Pool Deck?

The cost will all depend on whether or not you want to upgrade your deck. A typical restoration can be completed for $2-3 per square foot, but it can also go up to $5-7 per square foot or more if you decide to go with a stamped design to resemble stone.

Two common factors are:

Size and scope of the project

Type of materials used

Call us for a free quote. We’d be happy to check it out and offer our professional advice.

Restore your pool deck to its former glory and make it look new again with the help of Ivan’s Painting! (If you run an Airbnb or HOA,  guests and homeowners are sure to see pictures and  come just to enjoy this outdoor experience.)

For more information visit our website at Ivan’s Painting

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