Concrete Coatings To Liven Up Your Old Pool Deck

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We heard you’re getting ready to restore your pool deck for the summer. When choosing to do so, there’s a lot you want to keep in mind. While you’ll want to consider both texture and designs, be sure it’ll support your home.

What’s the best concrete coating?

Tearing out your concrete is not only a hassle but pouring it new would be a huge expense. With the help of our decorative concrete coatings, there are so many design and color possibilities. We can accomplish simulated stone, tile, marble, hardwood, slake, and stained finishes. Below is an overview of the most popular resurfacing options for pool decks.

Copy of DC Apr 2020 Acid Stain Concrete Floors 940x788 1Stain

Enhance the appearance of your concrete floor at a fraction of the cost by using a stain.

Liven up your backyard with a wide range of permanent colors ranging from subtle to applying techniques that can mimic natural stone. If you are interested in a long-lasting, water and UV-resistant surface that will add character to your concrete floor, then you’ll want to explore the versatility of concrete stains.

However, there are some defects that a decorative stain simply will not hide, such as hairline cracks and discoloration…

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The most inexpensive resurfacing option to cover up minor blemishes from dirt and leaf litter. Easy to apply; however, it does not last long, needing to be reapplied in just one year. As a result, considering your maintenance cost may make this option more expensive in the long term.

epoxyExpoxy Tile

Epoxy Tile creates the elegant look of granite or quartz tile without the dirt-catching grout lines.  High-quality flooring option with a High Build UV resistant topcoat brings out a smooth showroom finish to any concrete floor. Epoxy Tile creates the look of real tile with the durability and chemical resistance of epoxy concrete flooring.

  • Epoxy pebble finish: This type of resurfacer consists of decorative pebbles mixed into and epoxy. They can be installed quickly with interesting color combinations and a seamless look. One downside is that the pebbles could pop out when subjected to wear and tear.

Stamped Overlaystamped overlay

Spice things up with stamped overlays to create interesting textures with the finished appearance.

Create the look of flagstone, cobblestone, slate, brick, tile, natural stone, and even wood plank. Or make a statement with stencils.

Grand flagstoneGrand Flag Stone

Flagstone is a classic look that dates back to 13th century Europe where it was used for interior flooring on castles. Give yourself the authentic look of large stone without breaking the bank!

Create oversized stones over hand-crafted patterns followed by a layered antiquing process for a natural flagstone look.

Tuscan SlateTuscan slate

Designed to Impress. Transform your backyard with this high-end-looking finish. Create a permanent decorative finish on any existing concrete surface. This is achieved by hand-trowelling every installation into a custom masterpiece, providing an authentic look and feel with coloring that resembles expensive flooring options.

spray texture overlaySprayed Texture Overlay

One of the most popular choices, this option features a subtle texture that is comfortable and safe, perfect for use in barefoot areas. Custom colors, scorelines, aggregate effects, and more can be used to personalize the look. You may have heard this option referred to as a cool deck or knockdown finish.

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