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Palm Springs is known for its bright, colorful homes. The paint color is noticed before you even pull your car in. It’s a recognizable feature and adds a sense of personality to your home compared to the rest of the block. We provide a top-quality service if you’re looking for a professional painting company to brighten your space.

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Color choices are always changing with trends but you should also consider wear. Designers and stylists will tell you that certain colors are more popular than others. When it comes to your front door, the brighter the better in Palm Springs. It’s seriously a personality trait and a fun opportunity to take part of your community. Exterior paint should be given more consideration to the hot Coachella Valley Desert sun. Many homeowners choose a light color or shade. Most popular likely being,

  • “Beige and various shades of off-white are so common in desert areas, they can sometimes seem a bit monotonous. …
  • Yellow Shades of light yellow will work for exterior house colors in a desert landscape. …
  • Warm Colors Consider using certain warm colors on the trim of your house” (

OIP 1You never know what color may change your world around. Green kitchens are very popular right now and a great place to start. This mid-century modern living features different tones of green, highlighting the fireplace and wood beams that flow throughout the house. Always plan your home’s design features for a cohesive feel that’s unique to your home.

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