Palm Spring’s Small HOA Painting Company Lands Ocotillo Lodge Project


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Ivan’s Painting has received a new bid to paint Ocotillo Lodge in the beautiful Palm Springs, CA. Home Owner Associations reach out to us when they want to refresh the space. A fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference when you think about how many walls homeowners pass in areas meant to encourage engagement. The pops of orange in the front of the building and throughout the properties bring a cheerful attitude we want to make brighter for everyone to enjoy. Starting next year January 2023.

“The Ocotillo Lodge, with 124 rooms and private bungalows, was a collaboration in 1956 between the Alexander Co. and the architectural firm of William Krisel and Dan Saxon Palmer. Designed by Palmer and Krisel, built by the Alexanders, and landscaped by Eckbo, make this gem in Southern California stand out as a mid-century masterpiece. The units featured classic mid-century architectural details;  concrete block, beamed ceilings, clerestory windows, and walls of glass.

Built in 1956 and finished in 1957, the Ocotillo Lodge history is rich. Set on seven acres of prime Twin Palms real estate, the property was originally designed to attract the celebrity clientele of Hollywood to this premiere luxury destination in Palm Springs. The central building at the Ocotillo Lodge originally housed the celebrated Candlewood Room, which was billed as “one of the most beautiful rooms in America.”  The panoramic view to the San Jacinto Mountains and the iconic key-hole shaped swimming pool/patio area (some say the pool is shaped like a champagne cork)  are still just as stunning as the day the property was opened.” (Paul Kaplan Group) 

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Home to designers and artists alike, Palm Springs is always under construction to become modernly brighter. The photos feature popular designer Christopher Kennedy’s remodeled condo in Ocotillo Lodge and the results of his efforts are stunning. Mid Century Modern designer are booming in Coachella Valley and it’s making our job quite fun. As a professional painting company, we admire any time an artist uses color to make a home feel inviting and personal.

Like any large project, there are standards and processes we follow to best take care of your home and stay on schedule. We look forward to working with homeowners throughout the process and will always be a phone call away if they would like a separate quote. We take pride in our work and communication and promise to take the best of care.

Ivan’s got this!

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