5 Tips for Painting Your Home in Palm Springs

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There’s a lot to consider when updating the look of your home. Exterior designs in Palm Springs each have a playful, artistic focus to show off the sparks of personality in our community. You’ll also notice the beautiful ways nature blends into the design. Ensure your guests feel the warm and welcome dessert vibe by adding some funky palm springs aesthetic. Here are 5 tips on how to paint your Palm Springs home.

1. Bright colors define Palm Springs

Red, orange, and yellow are classic to incorporate into your design scheme. Warm colors breathe life into the space, then sprinkle them throughout your home to add the energy of desert sunshine into every room. Be sure to sample because there are thousands of shades for each color.

janblogpost ivanspainting files006 980x6532. Factor in the Sunlight

Be intentional with the color you choose and pay attention to where the sunlight hits hardest. Over time, the extremely hot days take a toll on the exterior paint. The shade should be acclimated to blend when the climate causes it to fade, warmer tones and even stucco are popular in the desert.

3. Pop some color on your doorjanblogpost ivanspainting files004 980x553

Reflect your personality among all the other mid-century modern homes with a unique eye-catching door. Color’s a fun and popular way to signal to your neighbors that you’re part of the community and open to conversation. Choose your color wisely, it should match your style and make you happy.

Have you seen the famous pink door? #thatpinkdoor

janblogpost ivanspainting files008 980x7264. Accent wall

Why paint your house one color when there’s creative room to add depth. Have your neighbors do a double-take each time they pass by. It’s a great way to accent the color of your home with a complementary color while adding a pop of personality. There are endless possibilities.

5. Trim

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An easy fix to enhance your curb appeal is by updating the house trim. Simple maintenance work and a trim coat will do wonders to your curb appeal. The trim is the perfect opportunity to accent the frame of the home while creating a fresh look.

This extra tip is related to every project you want to take on.

Check for Maintenance

It’s important to note that every house will require a different preparation process. There may be additional steps to maintain to ensure your home’s comfort and security before prepping and painting.

For example, the trim isn’t protected from the elements, and the desert’s very hard on wood.

Be sure to mention any of your concerns so we can assess areas of improvement before we inform you of any needed updates when we provide you with a quote.

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